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Organizational Structure

Production Capacity

Our factory covers an area of 6000㎡ and has a 40-meter long production line. There are 45 assemblers in work shop and the annual output of electric bikes amounts to 50,000 units.

Rigorous production management team

The workshop directors, who are excellent experienced in painting, frame inspection and assembly processes, have more than 15 years’ experience in production management, implementing standardized production process and 5S management system.

Strong design and technical team

This strong team consists of 2 experienced designers, 2 professional mechanical engineers and 2 senior electric engineers.

The designer is responsible for the design of the frame and the whole bike. They can quickly work out the design scheme and show customers what they want in the shortest possible time. 

100% inspection & riding test on each bike before shipping

There is a climbing test facility to imitate the rugged riding environment in the workshop, a 15°slope in one side and a 7°slope in another side, which can be used to test whether the electric parts of our ebikes have reached the maximum efficiency during climbing.

Professional 24 hours after-sales service team

We are responsible for the products what we make. All of our sales managers are also take a job as a after-sale manager. By this way, it can avoid the problem in communication due to the separation of sales and after-sales. So once you get a after-sale problem, just go to contact the sales manager who takes charge of your case directly and s/he will deal with your problems. 24 hours a day service is our prominent feature. 


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