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15" Frame Size Step Thru 500W 750W Foldable Electric Bike for Petite Riders WF01- Sobowo

The WF01 electric bike is a foldable version designed for convenient storage, ideal for small riders. Featuring a 15-inch frame size, its foldable design makes it easy to fit into car trunks while maintaining excellent performance. With a robust 750W motor and a long-lasting 20Ah battery, the WF01 ensures an exceptional riding experience. Its thoughtful design combines aesthetics with practicality, accommodating various useful accessories to enhance your journey. Ride with comfort and confidence on the WF01, where convenience meets performance.
  • WF01

  • Sobowo or OEM

  • 15inch

Motor wattage:


sobowo electric bike WF01

Sobowo WF01: Compact Size, yet Mighty Power 

The WF01 electric bike is a foldable version designed for convenient storage, ideal for small riders. Featuring a 15-inch frame size, its foldable design makes it easy to fit into car trunks while maintaining excellent performance. With a robust 750W motor and a long-lasting 20Ah battery, the WF01 ensures an exceptional riding experience. Its thoughtful design combines aesthetics with practicality, accommodating various useful accessories to enhance your journey. Ride with comfort and confidence on the WF01, where convenience meets performance.


Recommended Specifications of the Model WF01*



48V750W Sobowo Rear Hub Motor

48V20AH LG cells Lithium Battery Aluminium Alloy 6061, 15inch, Foldable 




45km/h (28mph)

50-80 km (31-50 miles)*

Sobowo Color Display, 0-5 PAS, Walk Assist Mode


Brake System:


Double Sided Chainring Guard

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake
Shimano 8 speeds




Kenda 20"*4.0"

Double Wall Intelligent Controller Located in Bottom Bracket




48V3A D-power

RST Hydraulic Suspension Fork
LED Headlight


Net Weight:

Recommended Max. Load Capacity:

Thumb Throttle

30kg(66lbs)* 120kg(264lbs)




KMC Rust-Proof Chain

Wellgo, Alloy Rear Kickstand, Alloy

Carton Dimension (mm):

Qty for 20GP:

Qty for 40HQ:


 units  units

*You can customize your own specifications. 

*The range of the electric bicycle's travel distance is influenced by factors such as battery capacity, terrain, speed, assistance level, rider weight, wind resistance, tire pressure, temperature, start-stop frequency, and rider input.

*The weight of the electric bicycle is an estimate. It may vary when using different components. 


sobowo electric bike wf01 sizing

WF01 SOBOWO electric bike ciel

WF01 sobowo electric bike rode by ren



motor W15 ebike sobowo

750W Rear Hub Motor, Up to 80Nm

The recommended motor wattage for WF01 electric bike is 48V500W or 750W Bafang/Sobowo Rear Hub Drive motor. This advanced motor not only delivers powerful and efficient performance, making uphill climbs effortless, but also ensures a quiet and smooth ride. With a torque output of up to 80Nm, it provides ample power to tackle various terrains with ease.

In the image, the Bafang 750W MAG wheel is showcased; however, we also offer options with spoke wheels for customization based on preference and terrain requirements. Whether it's the robust MAG wheel or the flexibility of spoke wheels, both configurations guarantee optimal performance and durability for your riding needs.

sobowo W15 electric bike battery fatgirl

48V20AH 21700 Cells Lithium Battery

We utilize 52 pieces of 5000mAh 21700 cells configured in a 13S4P arrangement to achieve a substantial 20Ah battery capacity for the WF01 electric bike. This high-capacity battery pack provides extended range and reliable power supply for prolonged rides. Seamlessly integrated into the frame, the battery offers a sleek appearance and is easily removable for convenient charging and maintenance, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics of the WF01 electric bike.

multifunctional rear rack for sobowo electric bike W15

Versatile Integrated Rear Rack Design

The rear rack of the WF01 electric bike is constructed from durable aluminum alloy, seamlessly integrated onto the frame for exceptional strength and stability. Boasting a dual-layer design on the central crossbeam, each layer features pre-drilled screw holes. The lower layer serves as a secure attachment point for a rear mudguard, while the upper layer's pre-drilled holes accommodate various accessories such as a rear basket, platform, baby seat, hand deck, or saddlebag, adding versatility and convenience to your riding experience.

RST Hydraulic Suspension Fork for sobowo W15 electric bike

20-inch RST/MOZO Hydraulic Front Fork

We use RST or Mozo Hydraulic Front Suspension Fork. Quality guaranteed, good shock absorption. Whether navigating challenging trails or cruising through city streets, the hydraulic fork ensures a plush and stable ride, enhancing your overall cycling experience.

SOBOWO W15 electric bike tires

20-inch Kenda All Terrain Fat Tires

The WF01 electric bike features 20-inch Kenda All Terrain Fat Tires, renowned for their superior grip and stability across various terrains. Built by Kenda, these tires offer durability and puncture resistance, ensuring a smooth ride whether you're navigating rugged trails or city streets. With their wider profile and aggressive tread pattern, they provide optimal traction and control, enhancing your riding experience in any environment.

headlight and tail lights sobowo W15 ebike

Thoughtful Lighting System  

We utilize high-lumen front headlights on the WF01 electric bike, powered directly by the main battery, allowing you to control them conveniently by pressing the keypad on the LCD display. Additionally, two tail lights are strategically positioned on either side of the ebike's seat stay frames. These tail lights feature brake light functions and are also powered and controlled by the main battery, enhancing visibility and safety during your rides.

sobowo electric bike WF01 handlebar

Color LCD Display

On our demo WF01 Electric Bike, we've incorporated a vibrant color LCD display that vividly presents crucial riding data, including battery consumption, speed, mileage, pedal assist levels, and more. Being an OEM factory, we have the flexibility to customize LCD displays to meet our customers' specific requirements.

tektro hydraulic disc brake for sobowo W15 electric bike

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes 

The WF01 electric bike comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on all wheels, ensuring superior stopping power and control. The advanced hydraulic braking system of the WF01 electric bike offers reliable performance, enhancing safety and responsiveness during rides. Additionally, the brakes feature an integrated power cut-off feature, instantly disconnecting the motor power when engaged, providing an extra layer of safety and ensuring a smooth and secure riding experience. Mechanical disc brakes are optional too. 

shimano 8 speed gears for W15 electric bike

Shimano 8 Speed Shifting System

Experience the nimble versatility of the WF01 Electric Bike, equipped with Shimano 8-speed gearing. This advanced gearing system provides seamless transitions between gears, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride on any terrain. Whether conquering hills or cruising through city streets, the Shimano 8-speed setup offers precise control and a wide range of options to suit your riding preferences. 

Additionally, the WF01 electric bike offers the option to customize gearing preferences based on customer needs, allowing for compatibility with a variety of gearing setups to enhance the riding experience.

torque sensor for W15 electric bike sobowo

Upgrade Option: Torque Sensor Crankshaft 

Experience enhanced pedal efficiency and precision with the Torque Sensor Crankshaft upgrade for the WF01 electric bike. This advanced technology ensures seamless motor assistance tailored to your pedaling, optimizing performance and responsiveness for a smoother ride across any terrain. 

front rack for electric bike WF01

Detachable Front Rack

The WF01 electric bike features a detachable front rack made of aluminum alloy, offering versatility and durability for carrying various items. Additionally, its rear end slightly upturns, providing enhanced stability and agility during rides.

footpeg for WF01 Other Features

The WF01 electric bike boasts additional features that further enhance its functionality and versatility. You have the option to install trailer bolts, enabling you to conveniently tow trailers for added cargo capacity. Additionally, you can equip a pair of foot pegs to accommodate a passenger, expanding the bike's utility for shared rides. Moreover, the frame includes bottle cage mounts, allowing you to stay hydrated during your journeys with ease.



  • Package Type:

    1.white sheet sponge wrap unitized frame.
    2.Bubble sheet wrap the unitized frame again. 
    3.7-layer corrugated carton.

    sobowo electric bike carton

  • Lead Time:

    If the order is less than fifty pieces, it will take 30-45 working days to produce after your payment.

    If the order is more than fifty pieces, the lead time can be negotiated.


      Generally, we will take containers for batch orders. And for samples, we recommend you to choose express or ocean shipping according to your barget.

  • 55555555


  • Sobowo was established in 2014, located in Changzhou city of Jiangsu province, which is 170 kilometers away from Shanghai. As a new but fast-growing group, we integrate manufacturing and trading on green energy electric vehicles.

  • Since our establishment, we are dedicated to creating own unique designs and focusing on becoming a trustworthy OEM solution and service supplier in electric bike industry, not only merely working as an electric bike manufacturer. Our characteristic is to produce the powerful e-bikes and all terrain e-bikes. We are skilled at designing and produce different kinds of fat tire e-bikes. And our e-bikes have been exported to more than 50 countries so far.

  • All of our products can comply with international quality standards and are greatly welcomed in a variety of markets around the world. With strong R&D capability and emphasis on service, we have aimed to earn a reputation as the electric bike specialist and to become one of the most reliable manufacturers who produce high quality electric bikes in China. We are looking forward to your witness to our development!

sobowo factory door (1)
sobowo factory 12.21 (1)



1, Can I order some samples at first to test the quality?

Of course. We accept the sample orders. We can do OEM, so the configurations can be adjustable if you have any request.


2, How the e-bikes are packed ? What the user has to assemble when they received the e-bikes?

All of our bikes are adopted the 85% disassembled packing. The bicycle will be packed in 7-layer corrugated carton with all its components inside, in most cases you will need to assemble the front wheel, seat, handlebar and lights if included, this process should not take more than 2 hours no matter the skill level.


3, How far can I go on a single charge?
Mileage depends on each bike model and a number of factors including the weight of the rider, added gear, terrain, tire pressure, temperature, wind speed, etc. The average range on a fully charged battery is between 20 and 30 Miles. If you want to ride a long range, you can choose e-bikes with larger batteries.


4, Are electric bikes safe?

Absolutely! Electric bikes are as safe to ride as a regular bike. When you need to stop or slow down, all you need do is apply the brakes and release the hand throttle or stop pedalling to cut the power. All our Electric Bicycles bikes are built to the highest quality.


5, What maintenance is required?
Aside from keeping your battery charged, maintaining Electric Bike is the same as any bicycle. After the bike's been ridden about 100 miles you'll need a basic tune-up. This is standard procedure for all new bikes as they're broken in. The most important (and simple) thing you can do is check your tire pressure regularly, and keep them inflated as indicated on the tire. If you're riding in wet conditions, you'll want to take extra care and make sure you keep your drivetrain clean and well-lubed.


6, When to Charge the Battery?

We recommend charging the battery back to full after each ride so the battery is topped off and ready to go the full range whenever you want to ride the e-bikes!  

A battery with a partial charge can be left without immediately charging back to full. If a battery is left empty for an extended period, however, it can become damaged and/or non-functional. So we suggest you to charge the battery if you don't use e-bikes exceeding two months.


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