165 Quality Checkpoints

Each bicycle undergoes a rigorous inspection process consisting of 165 checkpoints.
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SOBOWO QC Procedure
Each bicycle undergoes a rigorous inspection process consisting of 165 checkpoi​​​​​​​nts.


Incoming Quality Control

There are numerous components in electric bikes, including frames, batteries, motors, controllers, forks, brakes, shifters, and more. We source all bike parts from renowned professional manufacturers such as Bafang, Tektro, Shimano, and others.

Upon arrival at our factory, our inspectors thoroughly examine the quality and specifications of these parts based on the inspection rates specified by SOBOWO. Only the qualified parts are allowed entry into our warehouse.

During the assembly process, our dedicated staff retrieves the required components from our warehouse and conducts another round of quality and specification checks.


Input Process Quality Control

Before mass production, workers will be trained and grouped. Meanwhile, all required materials and tools should be stand-by.

Before mass production, a sample will be assembled and tested to ensure the production standard and quality of the bulk order.

During the assembly process, the inspector will supervise the production line to prevent some problems.

Relevant clerks will check whether the information card of each bike is consistent with the bike information, such as the frame number, motor number, and battery number, and enter them into the computer to facilitate subsequent after-sales tracking.


Final Quality Control

This is the most important part of QC. In this step, the quality inspectors will conduct visual inspection, function inspection and performance inspection on the bike according to SOBOWO inspection standards or customer-specified requirements.

Visual inspection, such as checking for scratches on the frame; functional inspections include whether components such as batteries, motors, lights, etc. can work normally; performance inspections include, such as road block riding testing, climbing tests, whether the speed settings meet customer requirements, brake testing, shifting testing, etc. .

For unqualified bikes, we will hang cards of different colors and mark the problems, and the workers will rework them and test again. The qualified ones will be stamped with the “Qualified” seal.

Inspection Before Shipping

When the bikes are finished, we will package them. Our QC team will double check to make sure no missing accessories such as chargers, fenders, pedals, hardware, etc.

Also all the carton labels should be checked to meet the customers’ requirements or related shipping standards.

Besides, Sobowo inspectors will confirm the carton sizes, logos, quantities will meet the shipping requirements.
SOBOWO Packaging Process
SOBOWO's packaging process ensures the secure and protected transportation of electric bicycles.
  • Disassembly
    Disassemble the electric bike into its major components for packaging. This includes removing the front wheel, handlebars, pedals, and other detachable parts.
  • Cleaning and Preparation
    Thoroughly clean and inspect each component to ensure cleanliness and optimal condition. This step helps remove any dirt, dust, or debris accumulated during production or transportation.
  • Protective Measures
    Take protective measures to safeguard the components during packaging. This may involve using protective covers, foam padding, or bubble wrap to prevent scratches, dents, or other damage during transit.
    protective measures sobowo
  • Secure Assembly
    Carefully fix the disassembled components onto the frame, ensuring all parts fit securely within the packaging. This helps prevent shifting or movement during transportation, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Packaging Selection
    Placing the packaged bicycles into the 7-layer corrugated cardboard boxes. Unlike many other suppliers who use 5-layer corrugated cardboard boxes, we use 7-layer corrugated cardboard boxes to ensure the safety of transportation and the integrity of the goods.
    7 layer carton sobowo
  • Labeling
    Label each package with necessary information, such as product codes, serial numbers, and handling instructions. This ensures proper identification and facilitates easy tracking and handling throughout the shipping process.sobowo package label_副本
  • Quality Control Checks
    Conduct a thorough quality control check to verify that all components are properly packaged and secured. This step helps maintain high-quality standards and ensures customers receive their electric bicycles in excellent condition.
    inspection before shipping carton_2
  • Sealing and Securing
    Seal and secure each package using appropriate packaging materials, such as box nails or strapping. This ensures that the components remain protected and intact during transportation.
  • Documentation
    Record and archive data, such as frame numbers, motor numbers, battery numbers, etc. This aids in inventory management and post-sales traceability, as well as facilitates efficient tracking and retrieval when needed by customers.

  • Shipping and Delivery
    The packaged electric bicycles are then ready for shipping and delivery to customers. They are transported using reliable logistics providers or shipping services to ensure timely and secure delivery.

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