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If your electric bicycle which you bought from China had broken or had some other problems, welcome to contact us to maintain your electric bicycle with the least amount of money. We will give you the best solution and matched parts after you take the pictures, videos and the other requisite information.
If an electric bicycle can't work properly, the following are several mainly reasons. The one reason is that the display doesn't work. And the other reason is that there has some problem with the controller, the main line, the motor or the sensor.
No matter what is wrong with your electric bike, we will try our best to help you out of trouble. The only premise is that your e-bike must be produced from China.
Besides, if the reason which makes your bike not work couldn't be determined through the photo and the video, we can provide a complete set of electronic control system to solve your problem.  

If you was bothered by your broken e-bikes, welcome to contact us or leave us a message!

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