Brake Maintenance Guide

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Brake Maintenance Guide

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The bicycle brake system plays a crucial role, not only affecting the overall performance of the bike but also influencing the rider's cycling experience and safety. So, how should we maintain the bike brakes during our regular rides? In this issue, we have compiled detailed maintenance knowledge for the brake system. Follow the guidelines below to ensure a more durable and safer use of your braking system!

Brake Levers

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After a certain period of riding, brake levers may inevitably develop issues. Therefore, before each ride, it's essential to check for abnormalities in the brake levers, such as unusual sounds or changes in brake travel. If any of these issues occur, it's likely that there is a fault in the brake system. It could also be due to friction, with dust accumulating in the lever mechanism, leading to unusual sounds or changes in feel.

Brake Pads

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Regardless of the type of bike, brake pads will experience wear and tear. Therefore, after a certain period of use, it's necessary to regularly check the condition and thickness of the brake pads. For regular commuting or weekend rides, check once every 3-5 months, and for high-intensity training or challenging terrains, perform monthly checks. New brake pads typically have a thickness of about 2mm. If they wear down to 0.8mm or if you hear a sharp noise, it's time to replace the brake pads.

Mineral Oil

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Mineral oil has volatility, so after a certain period of brake usage, it's important to check the oil level. The consumption of mineral oil can impact the braking force. Additionally, expired or deteriorated oil and residual air bubbles in the hydraulic system can increase the risk of cycling accidents. It's recommended to replace the mineral oil approximately once a year, with more frequent replacements (every 3-6 months) for high-intensity use. When replacing mineral oil, be sure to bleed the air during the refilling process. It's advisable to visit a professional bicycle shop and consult a skilled technician for replacements, unless you have the expertise to do it yourself.


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Whenever the brakes are engaged, the brake discs experience some wear. Therefore, it's necessary to regularly replace the brake discs, either annually or after cycling around two thousand kilometers, depending on the situation. For high-intensity use, consider replacement every 3-6 months as needed.

Post-Ride Maintenance

After a ride, conduct a simple brake system maintenance by cleaning off any fine sand or debris on the brakes. This prevents dirt from getting stuck around the caliper pistons, preventing long-term wear and potential oil leakage issues. Wipe the brake discs and pads with alcohol to maintain a dry surface.

Regular brake maintenance ensures the longevity and reliability of your bike's braking system, contributing to a safer riding experience.

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