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The Titantrek electric bike stands as a pinnacle of innovation and functionality in the realm of electric bicycles. From its powerful motor to its robust frame and versatile features, the Titantrek is designed to deliver an unparalleled riding experience for cyclists of all levels. Let's delve into the key features that make the Titantrek a standout choice for riders seeking performance, reliability, and convenience.

1. High-Powered Motor: The Titantrek is equipped with a standard 750W SOBOWO custom rear motor, capable of delivering a torque of up to 80NM. But our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond limits – we offer customization options that include all BAFANG&SOBOWO motors, including the formidable 1000W variant. With our strong OEM capability, we ensure that your choice isn't constrained by power variations. Moreover, we support dual-drive upgrades, sensing device enhancements, and brake upgrades, catering to diverse preferences for torque sensing or speed sensing systems.

2. Long-lasting Battery: Powered by the Kun Peng 48V 30AH battery, featuring LG 21700 power cells, the Titantrek ensures extended standby times and seamless long-distance travel, making mobility a breeze.

3. Safety-first Design: Safety is paramount, and our R&D department has taken meticulous measures to ensure rider security. The Titantrek's frame, constructed from 6061 aluminum alloy, boasts a robust build. The battery down tube features a substantial 5MM wall thickness, while the upper and lower fork pipes have a 2MM wall thickness. The up tube, with its 3MM wall thickness, incorporates an integrated water injection tube for added strength and aesthetics. Additionally, the middle tube's 35MM outer diameter provides excellent support, with a maximum load capacity of 150KG.

4. Comfortable Handling: The Titantrek's aluminum alloy handlebar, measuring 740MM in length, offers ease of operation and a comfortable riding experience.

5. Upgradeable Front Fork: Our upgrade service includes renowned 26-inch MOZO and RST hydraulic front forks, ensuring superior shock absorption and quality performance.

6. Durable Tires: The Titantrek features 26*4.0 inch tires from Kenda, Taiwan, renowned for their wide studs that effectively prevent punctures. With a pneumatic design and a height of 50MM, these tires provide built-in shock absorption for a smoother ride.

7. Robust Wheel Rims: Aluminum alloy double-layer rims provide high strength and impact resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability and stability.

8. Enhanced Braking System: Choose between the Tektro mechanical brake or upgrade to the HD-E350 hydraulic brake system, equipped with a 203MM disc brake for optimal braking performance and safety.

9. Efficient Gear Shifting: The Titantrek features a SHIMANO 8-speed shifting system, offering smooth gear transitions and enhanced riding efficiency.

10. Versatile Cargo Options: Designed with practicality in mind, the Titantrek accommodates front baskets, rear trailers, and optional rear racks, allowing for convenient cargo transport of up to 25KG.

In conclusion, the Titantrek electric bike embodies the epitome of performance, reliability, and versatility. Whether you're commuting through urban streets or exploring off-road trails, the Titantrek delivers an exceptional riding experience that exceeds expectations. Unlock the potential of the Titantrek and elevate your cycling adventures today.

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