Exploring The Innovations of The POLAR BEAR Electric Tricycle

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The POLAR BEAR electric tricycle represents a pinnacle of engineering and design innovation, offering a comprehensive array of features aimed at enhancing your riding experience while prioritizing safety and functionality.

1. Powerful Motor Configurations

  The standard 750W dual motor system boasts a torque of up to 180NM, ensuring a robust and comfortable ride. Enhanced by dual Hall torque sensors, the POLAR BEAR effortlessly conquers urban inclines, providing extended range and reliable performance. An optional upgrade to a dual 2000W motor configuration further boosts torque for tackling diverse road conditions with ease.

2. Long-lasting Battery Design

  Equipped with a standard 48V 20Ah dual KINGKONG battery system featuring LG or Samsung 21700 power cells, the POLAR BEAR ensures long-distance travel capabilities, adding convenience and reliability to your journeys.

3. Advanced Safety Measures

  Constructed from 6061 aluminum alloy, the frame incorporates reinforced battery tubes and structural enhancements for a maximum load capacity of 200kg. Design adjustments cater to diverse age groups, enhancing accessibility, stability, and overall safety.

4. Enhanced Control with TJ Differential

  The integration of the TJ differential system improves control and maneuverability during turns, maintains stability on uneven surfaces, and enhances traction in adverse weather conditions, ensuring a safe and adaptable riding experience.

5. Durable and Adaptive Wheel Configurations

  Utilizing 24*4.0 front and 20*4.0 rear tires from Kenda on robust aluminum alloy double-layer rims ensures superior puncture resistance, shock absorption, and traction across various terrains.

6. Optimized Braking and Shifting Systems

  The Gemma hydraulic braking system with instant power cut-off upon braking ensures optimal safety, complemented by the smooth gear transitions of the SHIMANO 7-speed shifting system for enhanced riding efficiency.

7. Comprehensive Lighting and Security Features

  Front and rear lights from reputable brands, coupled with high-brightness LED technology, ensure exceptional visibility in all weather conditions, enhancing overall safety during rides.

8. Reliable and Efficient Components

  Incorporating components such as KMC chains with anti-corrosion technology and a high-quality front fork system, the POLAR BEAR guarantees durability, reliability, and a pleasurable riding experience across diverse terrains.

9. Adaptable and Customizable Design

  The POLAR BEAR's flexible motor configurations (front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or dual-drive modes) controlled by an intuitive motor switching button provide riders with customizable options and greater control during their journeys.

10. Innovative Handlebar Features

   Crafted from lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy with a length of 680mm, the handlebar includes a brake parking function for hands-free operation during braking, enhancing overall riding comfort.

11. Efficient Lighting Systems

   The high-brightness, low-energy LED lighting ensures excellent visibility in various conditions, enhancing safety during night rides or low-light situations.

12. Sturdy Basket Design

   Designed to withstand significant weight and impact, the rear basket features a robust base and structural strength, ensuring stability and safety for cargo or passengers.

13. Advanced Differential Technology

   The TJ differential system enhances traction, stability, and maneuverability, ensuring confident handling and control even on challenging terrains or weather conditions.

14. Tailored Design for Accessibility

   Specific design enhancements cater to diverse age groups, including increased legroom and lowered vehicle height for easier access, comfort, and improved stability, especially for elderly riders.

In conclusion, the POLAR BEAR electric tricycle embodies a harmonious blend of power, safety, durability, and adaptability, making it an exceptional choice for riders seeking a premium and personalized riding experience across varied terrains and conditions. Whether for daily commutes or leisurely adventures, the POLAR BEAR sets a new standard in electric tricycles, offering unparalleled performance, comfort, and peace of mind on every journey.

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