LEOPARD: A High-Performance E-Bike Designed for Comfort And Versatility

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Advanced Motor and Battery System

The LEOPARD e-bike is equipped with a specially designed frame to accommodate the powerful 1000W Bafang G510 ultra motor. This motor boasts a remarkable torque of up to 160NM and features a built-in torque sensor, providing riders with the shortest response time and the fastest reaction speed. Paired with the Kun Peng 48V 30AH battery, which is outfitted with LG 21700 power cells, the LEOPARD ensures extended standby time and impressive long-distance travel capabilities.

Robust and Safe Frame Design

Ensuring the safety of our customers while accommodating a high-power motor, our R&D department has implemented several critical design features. The LEOPARD's frame is constructed from 6061 aluminum alloy, featuring a cross-sectional design that enhances durability. The battery down tube has a wall thickness of 5mm, and the upper and lower fork tubes have a thickness of 2.5mm, all illustrated with cross-sectional diagrams. The top tube is made from aesthetically pleasing and sturdy hydroformed tubing, with a wall thickness of up to 5mm. This complex curvature not only adds to the bike's visual appeal but also effectively distributes impact pressure, providing exceptional support and shock absorption, perfectly aligning with mechanical principles for an optimal riding experience.

Enhanced Handlebar and Throttle System

The LEOPARD features handlebars made of 6061 aluminum alloy, measuring 740mm in length, and equipped with a DEPU half-twist throttle. This throttle enhances the overall handling experience and practicality, offering easy and intuitive operation. A simple partial twist of the handlebar allows for precise acceleration control, making it suitable for all types of riders. The design ensures the hand maintains a natural position, reducing fatigue during long rides, and quickly responds to acceleration needs. This feature ensures flexible navigation through various road conditions and traffic environments, reducing the risk of accidental acceleration and ensuring riding safety.

Superior Suspension and Tire Design

The 26-inch KKE suspension front fork, also used by Surron, provides excellent shock absorption. Made from high-strength aluminum alloy, it is both lightweight and highly durable. With adjustable suspension features, it effectively absorbs road bumps, enhancing riding comfort and stability. Additionally, the LEOPARD comes with 26*4.8 inch Kenda tires from Taiwan. These tires have wide studs to prevent punctures and a height of 50mm when inflated, offering built-in shock absorption to reduce impact force.

High-Strength Wheel and Brake Systems

The LEOPARD uses aluminum alloy double-layer rims, known for their high strength, strong impact resistance, and durability. The Tektro hydraulic brake system HD-E740, equipped with 203MM disc brakes, includes a power-off function that immediately cuts power when braking, ensuring a perfect braking effect and guaranteeing riding safety.

Efficient Internal Gear System

The Bafang 5-speed internal gear system is a high-performance, low-maintenance solution designed for urban commuting and long-distance riding. Its efficient transmission and wide gear range ensure optimal performance across various terrains. The sealed design and high-strength materials extend the system's lifespan while reducing maintenance needs. With nearly silent operation, riders can enjoy a smooth and quiet riding experience in any environment, providing exceptional performance and reliability.

Enhanced Lighting for Safety

The LEOPARD is equipped with front headlights and rear taillights installed on both sides of the tires, illuminating your path and enhancing visibility in low-light conditions. This feature not only improves safety but also increases the bike's versatility, allowing you to ride confidently in various lighting environments, whether early morning, late at night, or in dimly lit areas.

Superior Comfort with Dual Suspension

Designed to provide outstanding riding comfort, the LEOPARD is equipped with front suspension forks and a dual suspension system at the center. These suspension mechanisms effectively absorb road bumps and vibrations, ensuring smoother rides and minimizing the impact on the rider. This design allows you to enjoy a comfortable riding experience on various terrains and road conditions.

In conclusion, the LEOPARD is a meticulously engineered e-bike that combines powerful performance, robust safety features, and exceptional comfort. Whether for urban commuting or adventurous off-road riding, the LEOPARD is designed to meet the needs of all riders, ensuring a superior riding experience every time.

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