New Model Release--The introduction of Sobowo new electric bike model S82-1

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Sobowo's electric bicycle S82 has attracted a lot of attention since the prototype came out. Many customers are following it and looking forward to seeing the new version. After a year of research and improvement, we finally released the first version that can be officially mass-produced and named it S82-1

This type of retro ebike models have become very popular recently. The design concept of this model is to make retro bike models more practical and in line with new fashion. Inspired by the market trend and needs, we have made some improvements on this new version. Let's take a look at details. 


Moderate Height and Weight: With a moderate height design, most people can touch the ground with both legs so the balance is good. Both men and women of most ages can ride. The height from the top seat to ground is 82cm (32"). It is suitable for a height between 150-190mm (5'-6'). The weight of this bike is about 30kg (66lbs). 

Frame: The frame is made of high-quality 6061 aluminum alloy with a wall thickness of 2.2mm, which is strong enough to withstand the impact of the high power motor. Aluminum is also rust and corrosion resistant for worry-free riding in all conditions.

For more comfortable riding, we adjusted the structure of the frame and the height of the handlebar, and added more practical functions such as dual batteries, fenders, rear rack, taillight, etc.


Handlebar: The retro design handlebar is beautiful and user-friendly. Here we use adjustable stem so the rider can adjust the handlebar height to accommodate for her/his own height. We can also use a short stem if customers don't like this long design stem. On the left hand side is a brake lever with a bell. In the middle we can find a LCD display, which can display speed, mileage, battery life, error codes, etc. You can set up speed limit on the display. For EU countries, the speed limit is usually required to be set at 25km/h; For North American market, the speed limit is usually required to be set at 32km/h, that is 20mph. The factory settings of our displays are generally 0 to 5 PAS levels.



On the right side, we’ve got shimano 7 speeds shifter. We can use higher grades shifters to replace based on your needs.


And switch button for the headlight. The headlight is bigger than what we usually use on the other models. It matches the style of this bike and it is very brighter.


On the right is throttle, which can be turned on when you don’t want to pedaling. Press the red button to start up the throttle function and press again to disable the throttle function. The throttle is usually full speed if no special requirement. The throttle speeds can be divided into different levels based on PAS levels.


You can install a mobile phone holder and rearview mirrors on the handlebars.

Below is the dual crown rigid fork. The style matches the handlebars and headlight. We use a suspension one if you want.


On the back we’ve got this big and comfortable cushion. It is molded making, with a rounded outline, making it very comfortable to sit on. And it is quite long. You can take a passenger. The current normal color of this cushion is black, if other colors are needed, it can be customized, but the quantity requirement is very large.


The battery is integrated under the seat to make overall look very compact. We use lithium battery of course. The battery housing is Hailong which can hold 78 cells. The standard capacity comes 48V11.6Ah. There are also other options such as 14Ah, 17.5Ah, 21Ah etc. We usually use Samsung cells. There are also other brands such as Chinese brand, Panasonic, LG. You can choose what you want. The driving distance for one battery charge is around 30 to 60km with PAS, that is around 18 to 38 miles.

Besides, we can place a second battery on the downtube if you want a longer distance. Then the range theoretically can reach 80 to 100km, that is around 50 to 65 miles. The actual range estimates depend on many conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc. 



The controller is also integrated. It is hidden in the battery holder which is fixed on the frame. In this way, the battery and controller are fastened to the bike and will not fall off, making the overall look more concise and beautiful.


We have 2A, 3A chargers and are all UL and CE certified and we will use different plugs for different countries. 

The taillight is wired to the controller so you can control it with the display. When you brake, it will be lighter to remind the people behind you. We put this taillight inside the frame to avoid broken during delivery or falling down.




Motor: And we usually use Bafang brand motors on this bike. The options are 250W, 350W, 500W, 750W. Maximum speed for 750W motor can reach 45km/h (28mph) if no speed limit. And the cables are all quick release for easy replacement and are all water proof.


Tires:We use Kenda 20*4.0 all-terrain tires which are perfect for paved road riding and light-duty off-road adventures.


We have another size of this model with 24*4.0 tires.

Mudguards: We use metal mudguards. They stop the bike from throwing off mud, water or objects from the road.


Chain Guard: It adds a chain cover to prevent the trousers from getting oil on the chain, and to prevent the trousers from getting caught in the chain.


Gearing and Brake: The rear flywheel is Shimano 7-speed gearing. And we use Tektro mechanical disc brakes so you can stop the bike with less effort. We can also use hydraulic disc brakes if you want.


If you like it and want to order, you can leave messages on our website and then our customer service will contact you.

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