Sienna High-Performance Electric Bicycle: The Perfect Combination of Power And Safety

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The W17 electric bicycle is renowned for its outstanding performance and safety features, making it an ideal choice for riders seeking power and reliability. Here are the unique key features and improvements of the W17:

1. Powerful 750W Rear Motor:

  The standard configuration of the W17 features a 750W SOBOBWO rear motor, capable of delivering up to 80NM of torque. This high torque ensures superior climbing performance, enabling you to effortlessly conquer steep inclines. You also have the option to upgrade to a Bafang rear motor or dual motors for both the front and rear. This upgrade provides you with greater power and performance, allowing you to enjoy faster, smoother acceleration and riding experiences.

2. 48V 20Ah Fat Girl Battery:

  Equipped with a 48V 20Ah Fat Girl battery featuring LG 21700 power cells, the concealed drop-down battery design makes the entire bike more streamlined. The battery case is waterproof, effectively preventing splashes.

3. Enhanced Frame and Safety Features:

  To accommodate a high-power motor and prioritize rider safety, our R&D department has implemented the following measures:

  - The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy.

  - The battery down tube has a wall thickness of 3.5mm-4mm.

  - The chainstay has a wall thickness of 2mm.

  - The rear connecting tube has a wall thickness of 2mm, and the rear extension tube has a wall thickness of approximately 4mm.

  - The main tube uses a special-shaped pipe with a wall thickness of approximately 4mm.

  - The overall frame can support a load capacity of up to 200kg.

4. High-Performance Tires and Fenders:

  The W17 electric bicycle is equipped with high-quality tires designed for various terrains and weather conditions. These tires provide excellent grip and durability, ensuring stability and safety on wet, muddy, or uneven surfaces. Paired with high-quality fenders, they further enhance the riding experience in adverse weather conditions.

5. Cargo and Passenger Capacity:**

  The W17 electric bicycle features an extended frame and rear cargo area, providing ample space for use. Equipped with a Thule quick-release bracket and rear seat and footrests, it enhances the bike's versatility. The full suspension system combined with a 200kg load capacity ensures a comfortable ride even when carrying heavy loads. The cargo area is designed to accommodate large items, making it ideal for delivery services, commuting, and leisure riding.

6. Optimized Center of Gravity:

  The battery placement is designed in a low center of gravity area, further optimizing the bike's balance. This design improves riding stability, especially when carrying heavy loads or riding at high speeds, helping to prevent tipping and imbalance.

7. Durable Components:

  The frame, handlebars, forks, and other components of the bike are made from high-strength 6061 aluminum alloy, ensuring longevity and durability. The full suspension system and high load capacity provide a smooth and stable riding experience across various terrains.

8. Rear Rack and Foot Space:

  The rear rack width reaches 120mm, offering more space for cargo. Even with a protective net installed, passenger safety is ensured. The footrest design at the rear provides ample space, allowing passengers to comfortably place their feet.

9. High Load Capacity and Component Matching:

  Components made from high-strength materials can support weights of up to 200kg, ensuring stability and safety even under high load conditions.

10. Seat Design:

   The rear seat area is designed with a skirt guard, facilitating the loading of goods and providing passenger comfort.

11. High-Strength Materials for Comprehensive Use:

   The frame, handlebars, forks, control rods, rear rack, skirt guard, and other components are made from high-strength 6061 aluminum alloy, ensuring the overall structure's sturdiness and durability.

12. Advanced Kickstand System:

   For easy parking, the W17 is equipped with a sturdy kickstand system. The kickstand is simple to use and ensures the bike remains stable on any terrain, preventing accidental tipping.

13. Footrests and Protection:

   The footrest design at the rear provides ample space for passengers to place their feet comfortably. A protective net is installed to ensure passenger safety during rides.


The W17 electric bicycle is a high-performance, safe, and versatile vehicle designed to meet the needs of various riders. Its powerful motor, robust battery, high-quality tires, optimized center of gravity, and enhanced frame structure make it the ideal choice for those seeking an electric bicycle that can handle demanding riding conditions. Whether for commuting, deliveries, or leisure rides, the W17 will exceed your expectations, providing an exceptional riding experience.

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